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      A file in the following format is needed to apply compensation.

      Each line contains a point defined by a frequency and y axis value separated by a comma. If there is no y axis value it defaults to zero.

      The frequencies must increment and be in ascending order.

      There must be at least two points in the file and no more than a hundred.

      Any line with "." in the first column is interpreted as a remark. (This means that ".56" would be interpreted as a remark and should be entered as "0.56".)

      The data should be the RESPONSE you would like to see and NOT the compensation you think NaTKiT should apply. (Really it should be called a target curve but we seemed to have drifted into calling it a compensation curve.) NaTKiT will shift the target so that the centre of the frequency sweep is at 0 dB.

      Changing the sweep start or end frequency changes the centre frequency and, as in the example, changes the vertical position.

      If a sequence has a valid compensation file NaTKiT applies compensation to all the response tests in the sequence.

      The example data file COMPNSTN\sys_comp.dat makes a starting point for experiment.